Winchester Drylok 10g Steel

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10 Gauge, 3.5"

Flooded timber, swamps, marshes, duck blinds and john boats; duck hunters get wet…it's all part of the hunt. Drylok Super Steel loads are trusted by the most hard-core duck hunters in the harshest of conditions. Our patented technology is designed to keep your shotgun shells dry, time after time, no matter where you are. When it matters, you need Drylok Super Steel.
Heavy Wad Design
Protects barrels and provides tight patterns for long-range knock-down
Plated Steel Shot
Provides corrosion resistance
Drylok Super Steel Wad
Two-piece double seal wad system ensures maximum water resistance and provides a greater gas seal for faster, consistent velocity
Lacquered Primer
Works with Drylok Super Steel wad system to ensure powder stays dry in the harshest conditions