CCI 22 WRF 45gr JHP

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Winchester Rimfire 22 WRF

Part # 69
  • Bullet Weight: 45
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1300

Product Overview

CCI® 22 WRF JHP is the only load of its kind on the market. The 19th century favorite features 21st century technology, including copper bullet composition and a special base that are ideal for old barrels, as well as reliable CCI priming.

  • 19th century favorite with 21st century technology
  • Only 22 WRF jacketed hollow point in the industry
  • Special bullet base makes the load ideal for old barrels


Caliber 22 WRF
Bullet Weight 45
Muzzle Velocity 1300
Bullet Weight 45
Bullet Style Jacketed Hollow Point
Ballistic Coefficient .120
Package Quantity 50
Usage Hunting