Barnaul 45 ACP 230gr FMJ

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Barnaul 45 auto

This caliber is an American classic. The .45 Auto (aka 45ACP) has been in US military service since 1911 along with the 1911 pistol.

Military use for this caliber may have diminished, but the popularity with US shooters has only risen.

Commonly used in IDPA and USPSA shooting competitions, .45 Auto is also extremely effective as a self-defense round.

FMJ 228 Grain Statistics
Ballistic Coefficient (G1): 184
Muzzle Velocity V0 ft/sec: 935
Muzzle Energy E0 J ft/lb: 444
Max Powder Pressure Bar (lb/inch2): 18,130
Cartridge Max Length: 1.27 inches
Cartridge Average Weight: 315 grains
Rounds per Box: 50