Green Trail Eva Boot #1545

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Light EVA boot with removable liner – G1545


This light boot, made from EVA, has all the attributes of the material, yet is inexpensive. Warm, completely waterproof, oil-resistant and antimicrobial. With an adjustable nylon collar, it keeps your feet dry and dirt-free. Removable insulated booties keep your feet warm. When you take your boots off, once you’re back in, remove them from the boots and shake them out to air and dry them out.

Light as a feather, the G1545 EVA boot lets you enjoy time outdoors in unrivalled comfort. Ideal for cold-weather activities, they retain all their suppleness and warmth. So you can look forward to hours of fun!

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable nylon collar
  • Removable insulated line (G1546)
  • Self-cleaning traction sole
  • Antimicrobial
  • Oil resistant



EVA is one of the most insulating materials on the market because it uses air as a thermal insulator. Microbubbles of air are trapped in the hull, creating a high-performance barrier against the cold. EVA design, which is lighter than leather, rubber and neoprene, absorbs shocks while providing better support for the foot in snow, on ice, in mud or sand.


To prevent your liner from remaining damp, remove it from your boot after use. The accumulated moisture will then be expelled and the inside of your boot will dry more easily.

Do not put your slippers in the dryer. This will degrade the insulation and your boot will lose performance. Shake well and let air dry, you’ll be amazed at how fast the process takes.

Wear synthetic stockings. Natural materials retain moisture close to your body, keeping your feet wet. The boot, with its liner, creates an air chamber. If your feet are wet, you will tend to feel cold. A synthetic sock will expel moisture to the outside, keeping you dry and therefore warm.

EVA is a lightweight, flexible material that reacts poorly to heat. When subjected to a heat source, deformation may result. To avoid deforming your boots, do not leave them directly under the sun or any other artificial source such as a window, a radiator, a hair dryer, a dryer…