203gr SP Barnaul 7.62x54 R

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7.62 x 54R M91

One of the longest surviving cartridges in the world – introduced to the Russian Army in 1891 [classified M91] and is still in active use in the Russian Army today. The round was initially introduced with a large round nosed projectile [in much the same manner as the .303 British was], but in 1908 the projectile was changed to a lighter weight and a pointed shape [Spitzer].  The only other changes to be made to the cartridge during the subsequent century or more, were changes in the materials used for construction and powders.  In 1959 the cartridge was “standardized’ for Warsaw Pac members and is currently used by the Armies of China, Finland and many developing countries.  The cartridge has excellent ballistics and trajectory as well as inherent accuracy and has been utilised as the sniper calibre for Soviet, Russian and many other armies of the world.  Made famous by Hollywood in “Enemy at The Gates”  - as only Hollywood could depict it.