Bergara Premier Canyon 6.5 Creedmoor

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If you prefer the classic fit and feel of a hunting rifle stock without the extra weight, the Premier Series Canyon rifle, built on a 100% carbon fiber AG Composites stock may be exactly what you are looking for. The Canyon rifle is the perfect balance of a lightweight and portable hunting rig.


More shooters are requesting threaded muzzles to hunt with suppresors. The thin taper of the Mountain 2.0 doesn’t allow for a threaded muzzle, so we increased the contour to allow for it, while keeping weight down by adding flutes. The barrel is a premium, stainless precision Bergara Barrel #4 taper. Days in the wet and humid backcountry are no problem. Finished in Sniper Grey Cerakote.


Two-lug system that features a separate floating bolt head to ensure contact with the lug abutments in the action. It also features a cone-shaped bolt nose for smooth feeding of the cartridge, and a spring-loaded sliding plate extractor located in the front of the lower locking lug. The one-piece bolt body is stainless steel with a pad at the rear to accept the threaded-in bolt handle. The bolt head, the non-rotating gas shield, and the bolt shroud are fully Nitrided for extreme durability, as well as its self-lubricating properties.


Lightweight, proven performance on the Mountain 2.0. Now with a detachable magazine and universal M5 cutout. Finished with Swamper Rogue Camo. Floorplate is available in .375 H&H only.

BPR26-65CM 6.5 Creedmoor 6.2 lbs 42" 20" 1:8 AICS detachable 3 round mag provided