Browning Neoprene Shotgun Jacket

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Neoprene Shotgun Jacket

Quick access, neoprene, stretch fit, sling compatible jackets for shotguns

  Keep your long gun slung and ready to go without subjecting it to the sleet, rain, snow, mud or brush. Our neoprene jackets offer padded protection for your firearm that can be removed quickly as soon as you get to your blind or stand.

  • A full neoprene sleeve protects your shotgun from muzzle to butt stock, yet allows you to carry it with a standard shotgun sling
  • The open design allows you to carry the shotgun completely covered, but is easily removed
  • Perfect for riding on 4-wheelers, quick protection in a vehicle, or while hunting in adverse conditions
  • External shell storage keep shells from rattling around in your pocket
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COLOR Realtree Max 4 Style Single Long Gun