Browning X-Bolt Target Max- Shot Show Special Order

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X-Bolt Target Max Competition Heavy


Long-range rifle competition is growing at a rapid rate with more and more shooters testing their skill and equipment. The Precision Rifle Series Production Class is one of the fastest growing segments. Unlike other divisions where the sky is the limit when it comest to cost, this competitive class encourages participation by newcomers by limiting the original cost of the rifle and optics so they don't have to compete against expensive, custom equipment. Thus, the out of the box features and accuracy of their rifle are paramount. Fortunately, winning is a specialty of Browning and we’ve developed the new X-Bolt Target MAX Competition Heavy.

Make no mistake, this rifle is packing a lot of performance ... and heft. The foundation of this rifle is a stiffer, heavier, full-diameter receiver. The heavy, bull barrel measures a full one inch at the muzzle. Even the MAX stock receives the custom treatment and is produced using a heavier, nylon filled material. Together, these features add necessary mass that helps stabilize the rifle for improved accuracy at long ranges.

In addition to the extra weight, the receiver has an alignment flat to aid in scope alignment/leveling. The recoil lug is pinned to the receiver to ensure perfect orientation if the barrel needs to be replaced. The included 20 MOA Picatinny optics rail is held in place with four oversize 8-40 screws and an additional steel pin that secures the rail to the receiver. The bolt features a longer handle to reduce opening force. 

X-Bolt Target rifles feature the Xtra Capacity Magazine System that utilizes popular Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) pattern magazines. These magazines are available in 5- and 10-round capacity. X-Bolt Target rifles ship with one MDT 10-round polymer box magazine. (For optimal feeding reliability we recommend MDT 10-round and Magpul® 5-round magazines.) The front of the magazine well is sturdy enough to be used as a barrier stop.

The patent-pending Browning Target DLX Trigger brings the light touch you need for accurate shooting. This three-lever design has zero creep, zero take-up, zero overtravel and a glass-like break. The Target DLX is adjustable with a range of 2 to 3.3 pounds and comes factory set at 2.5 lbs. 

The heavy bull barrel is suppressor ready with 5/8"-24 SR threads and includes a Recoil Hawg muzzle brake that effectively reduces felt recoil for improved shooting comfort – a must in competition.

The adjustable MAX stock gives you the versatility to customize the fit the rifle to your unique needs. The comb is height adjustable to put your eye in perfect alignment with your scope. Length of pull spacers are also included. The vertical grip is comfortable standing, seated and prone and allows for an easy reach from the finger to the trigger. As mentioned, the stock on the MAX Competition Heavy is constructed from nylon material for added weight. The popular ARCA/Swiss rail is included, as are QD swivel cups.

NOTE: Unless specifically listed as included with a firearm, accessories shown such as scopes, optical sights, rings, ring mounts, optic rails, bipod rails, ammunition, etc. are NOT included. Accessories are available at authorized Browning dealers