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Charles Daly Chiappa 930.108 Triple Threat

Break Open 12 Gauge 18.5" 3" Walnut Stk Black The Triple Threat is ideal for home defense or survival. It features compact 18.5" triple barrels and has a removable butt stock for easy storage or use as a pistol grip. The Charles Daly Triple Threat Shotgun features beautiful fit and finish in an amazing home defense three barrel break action. This shotgun is purpose built for home protection! Based on the traditional smooth break action design with the shell extractor of a classic over/under, you will love your Daly Triple Threat!

It uses readily available and easy to find RemChoke pattern choke tubes. The gorgeous premium walnut stock has an innovative two piece design that breaks down to a pistol grip configuration. This Triple Threat Shotgun is exactly what the well armed home owner needs to defend themselves and their family. Ready to go right out of the box, be prepared for anything with Charles Daly!