Code Blue Doe Estrous 4oz Synthetic

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Code Blue™ Synthetic Doe Estrous has been scientifically formulated to replicate the smell and performance of natural doe estrous urine. Through years of extensive research and testing, Code Blue™ has developed a synthetic scent that performs like real urine. Unlike real urine, synthetics will not break down and reduce effectiveness, and they are legal where real urines aren’t. Code Blue’s™ Synthetic Doe Estrous is ideal for use in active scrapes, mock scrapes, on scent drags and scent wicks. Unleash the scientifically-proven power of Code Blue™ Synthetic scents.


  • Synthetic scent doesn't contain deer urine
  • Smells like a doe in estrous
  • Makes bucks hunt you
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Seasonal Use:  Mid, Late
  • 4 oz. bottle