Henry H010G 45/70 Lever Action Side Gate

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Steel Lever Action .45-70 Side Gate

Originally a military caliber standardized for the battlefields of the 1870s, .45-70 Government has stood the test of time and still thrives nearly a century and a half later in hunting camps across the country. When it comes to hurling a huge chunk of lead downrange, there is no finer way to do it than with a Henry.

Sufficiently punchy enough to stop any North American game, .45-70 started with a 405-grain lead bullet propelled with 70 grains of black powder. A longer 500-grain grain load was later added to extend effective range, while the original lighter cartridge was kept for use in cavalry carbines. Since then, this caliber gained wide commercial support, and you can find anything from a high-velocity expanding 300-grain load to 600-grain subsonic. The robust rimmed case feeds reliably from tube magazines, while modest chamber pressure aids extraction. Once available in every kind of action, .45-70 recommended itself best in lever-action repeaters. The Henry Steel Lever Action .45-70 Side Gate is the most advanced example of that breed.

The H010G is fairly light at seven pounds for easy game stalking, and the ventilated rubber recoil pad keeps it easy on the shoulder. The matte blued steel receiver and an 18.4″ round barrel are all-business, while beautiful checkered American walnut adds the classic visual appeal that we made our name on. The pistol-grip buttstock and steel-capped forend come with sling swivel studs already installed so that a sling can be used for stability and muzzle rise control. The side-loading gate makes reloading and topping off the four-shot tubular magazine quick and easy without losing your sight picture. For quick and safe unloading without cycling cartridges through the action, the rifle also retains our original front-loading option.

The adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight and a brass-beaded front post sight work best for rapid shots typical of hog hunts, while the drilled and tapped receiver enables easy scope mounting for deliberate longer-range aim. Handy and powerful, this lever gun delivers rapid follow-up shots on grizzly and precise one-shot stops on whitetail deer with equal competency. The Steel Lever Action .45-70 Side Gate provides stopping power, accuracy, and reliability at an unbeatable price tag — all in a classic style.

Steel Lever Action .45-70 Side Gate»
Model Number: H010G
Action Type: Lever Action Large Loop
Caliber: .45-70
Capacity: 4 Rounds
Additional Specifications
Barrel Length-18.43"
Barrel Type-Round Blued Steel
Rate of Twist-1:20
Overall Length-37.5"
Weight-7.08 lbs.
Receiver Finish-Blued Steel
Rear Sight-Fully Adj. Semi-Buckhorn w/ Diamond Insert
Front Sight-Brass Bead
Scopeability-Drilled and Tapped
Scope Mount Type-Weaver 63B
Stock Material-American Walnut
Buttplate/Pad-Black Ventilated Rubber Recoil Pad
Length of Pull-14"
Safety-Transfer Bar
Best Uses-Target/Hunting/Large Game, Deer, Bear, Hogs, Moose, Elk at 100 yards.
Embellishments/Extras-Swivel Studs, Side Gate