Knight .50 Cal. Muzzleloader Shooting Kit

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The Knight 50 Cal Muzzleloader Shooting Kit is a complete collection of the essential tools you need to properly load and clean your muzzle-loader. Knight Shooting Kits take all of the guess work out of what you need whether you are a pro hunter or going out for your first buck.

New to muzzleloading? This Shooting Kit is the perfect addition to your rifle purchase. You’ll find everything you need to immediately hit the range and field with this black powder shooting kit in your hands. Each shooting kit comes with 2 undivided Fiber-Lite™ Speed Shells, that can accommodate 3 .45/50 cal pellets and a saboted bullet. Knight Speed Shells can also be used with loose powder and bullet for a .52cal black powder rifle. You also get a .50 cal jag with an Extension. The 10/32 thread brass jag upgrades your existing ramrod, and the extension makes cleaning your rifle easier than ever before. Save time by avoiding multiple trips to a store and save money as our Shooting Kit provides significant savings when compared to buying all these items individually.

Knight Shooting Kits are 100% compatible with any 50 cal muzzleloader in your arsenal and many of the components in the Shooting Kit could be used with any black powder rifle on the market. You can also expect superior quality from Knight since every single piece found in this Starter Kit is 100% American Made. Get yours today!


  • Two Speed Shells
  • Ball Starter
  • .50cal Jag with Extension
  • Custom Molded In The USA!