LiveTarget Yellow Perch Crankbaits

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The LIVETARGET Yellow Perch collection has become a staple to all hardcore Northern anglers. Whether targeting Bass, Pike or Walleye, the crankbait is a must have for casting or trolling. This speed versatile bait is designed with an internal weight transfer that also acts as an attractive low frequency rattle.

Size (All Models): 3 5/8"

YP98D100 - Colour: Natural/Matte   Depth: 7'-10'

YP98M100 - Colour: Natural/Matte   Depth: 3'-5'

YP98D102 - Colour: Metallic/Gloss   Depth: 7'-10'

YP98M102 - Colour: Metallic/Gloss   Depth: 3'-5'

YP98D106 - Colour: Fluorescent/Matte  Depth: 7'-10'

YP98M106 - Colour: Fluorescent/Matte   Depth: 3'-5'


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