Primos Slide Bugle Elk Call

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The Slide Bugle allows for easy control with minimal air to produce high-pitched bugles. Minimal air is needed to produce growls and high-pitched bugles. Simply apply more pressure with lip to increase pitch. For cow and calf sounds, remove the mouthpiece from the bugle hose. Diaphragms can be interchanged to produce bull, cow, and calf sounds.

  • Sliding tray holds and protects diaphragm
  • Easy lip alignment on mouthpiece allows for proper airflow and control
  • Retract slide to protect the diaphragm when not in use
  • Remove mouthpiece for cow and calf calling
  • Expandable hose allows bugle to be extended from 13” – 20”
  • Resonating chamber for growls and chuckles
  • Interchangeable diaphragms for different bull, cow, and calf sounds
  • INCLUDES:Mouthpiece w/ protective slide plate
  • Two elk diaphragms
  • Bugle Hose
  • Lanyard