Primos Take Out Acorn Salt Block Attractant

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The Take Out Sweet Acorn Salt Block makes it easy for hunters to get a jump on the season with a proven, durable, and convenient mineral attractant. Set it down in early season and its strong, long-range sweet corn aroma goes to work instantly to attract deer to your spot. Made with premium ingredients all deer crave and a sustained release formula, Sweet Acorn Salt Blocks pull them in and keeps them coming back. As they feed, key minerals boost bone and antler growth to improve the quality of your herd. Use the Sweet Acorn Salt Blocks as part of your Take Out Seed & Feed System to implement a simple, proven, and effective plan in your area.  Warning: Baiting Deer is a violation in some areas. Check your local laws and regulations before using.

  • Proven formula in variety of conditions & regions
  • Instant long-range aroma
  • Strong sweet acorn aroma all deer crave
  • Sustained release formula keeps deer coming back
  • Key minerals for bone & antler growth
  • 4 lb. durable block
  • Part of the Take Out Seed & Feed System