Remington 870 Express Pump Shotguns

Regular price $499.00

The Model 870 Express brings performance-oriented hunters the best of both worlds-- beneath its no-nonsense ready-for-work exterior lies the same quality, precision, and lifetime reliability as in our standard Model 870 Wingmaster, the pump gun without peer. The Model 870 Express also delivers a truly economical price. As a result, not only is it the best value version of the best-selling shotgun ever designed, it's the best value in shotguns, period. And it earns this position with a variety of choices that span the spectrum of shot gunning applications.

You can't buy a better shotgun than a Model 870™ Express®, because it's built on the action of the best-selling, most tested shotgun ever made- the legendary Model 870™ Wingmaster®. Just as strong, just as reliable, and just as durable- with an action that cycles just as smoothly. Offered with a wide selection of barrel configurations, a Rem™ Choke system, and in 12 and 20-ga. All wood and metal surfaces have a non-reflective, non-revealing finish. The 12-ga., shown above, is offered with your choice of 26" or 28" barrel with Mod. Rem™ Choke.