Ridgetec Summit 4 Cellular Transmission Trail Camera

Regular price $579.95

Ultra-fast 3G and 4G network HSPA+ cellular transmission.

User friendly website portal and mobile app for quick and easy camera setup and photo management.

Send photos and video by cellular network directly to phone and/or email in real-time.

Affordable cellular connectivity with NO CONTRACT.

Standard or high quality setting allows for images to be sent in standard resolution or higher resolution.

Control the camera remotely in real-time with advanced two-way communication.

Duty Time Scheduling - to give you complete control in turning on and off the camera for security applications.

New Live Preview courtesy of a front facing, high resolution 2.4" color screen to make mounting the camera a breeze.

Innovative 10 zone PIR motion sensor with 'Sneak By Protection' ensuring more reliable movement detection.