Tikka T3x CTR 308

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T3x Compact Tactical Rifle is a versatile rifle that adapts to any given situation. A compact version of the well-known TACT A1. Lighter to carry, easier to handle, accuracy was not compromised.

The Tikka T3x CTR, or Compact Tactical Rifle, is the multipurpose tool of the rifle world. The T3x CTR has a 10-round magazine, so when using it at the range, you can shoot more and load the magazine less often. The rifle has an adjustable cheekpiece, so you can get a good cheek support on the stock, with any kind of optics.


  • A 10-round magazine allows you to shoot more with fewer reloads

  • Compact multipurpose rifle for hunting and sports shooting

  • Available as left-handed

  • Safe to shoot and handle with two-position safety