Traditions Accelerator Breech Plug

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Accelerator Breech Plug™ A1443

Works well with Blackhorn 209, Pyrodex® Pellets, and loose powder!

A unique knurled head requires no tools for easy removal in just 3 full rotations. It incorporates a built in 209 holder. The flat face and heavy duty O-ring provide reliable ignition and reduced blow back. The Accelerator Breech Plug™ fits Pursuit™ II, Pursuit™ Ultralight, Vortek™, Vortek™ Ultralight, and Buckstalker™ Accelerator models.


The Accelerator Breech Plug is not interchangable with Northwest Accelerator models. You cannot switch the breech plug to change the ignition style on your muzzleloader. This part is also not interchangeable with non-Accelerator  models and not for use with bolt action, plunger-style, or any non-accelerator models.


Item #: A1443