Winchester XPR Hunter Highlander Camo

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*Please give us a call or email to confirm we have the model or caliber you are looking for is in stock, if not we can order it in. Many Models of XPR's available for order.

Real Precision. Real Performance. Real Winchester. For almost 150 years the terms Winchester® and rifle have been virtually synonymous for millions of American hunters and shooters. From the original lever-action rifles that “Won the West” to classic bolt-actions known around the world as “The Rifleman’s Rifle,” innovative firearms with the Winchester brand have set the benchmark for rifle performance. Now comes the XPR bolt action. Experience a new generation of performance. 

Technology. Since Winchester last introduced a new bolt-action rifle design a half-century ago huge advances have been made in metallurgy, materials and manufacturing processes. At Winchester Repeating Arms, our engineers were tasked to design a rifle that capitalized on these cutting-edge technologies and create a high performance bolt-action that was tough, reliable and accurate. The result is an innovative rifle that meets the performance expectations of today’s demanding hunters.

Rain, snow, sleet or mud — you name it and the XPR can handle it. It’s a rugged, no nonsense game-getter that will put meat in your freezer for many years to come. Most of all, the feature-packed XPR bolt-action rifle embodies the lasting quality you’ve come to expect from Winchester Repeating Arms.

Creating a Superior Trigger System. How do you obtain a light, crisp, clean trigger pull? A trigger that will make all the difference in how accurately you can shoot? We believe this is found in the new XPRs advanced M.O.A. Trigger System. The trigger is the heart of every rifle. And the XPR has a lot of heart. Below is an outline of what sets the new XPR apart, point by point. If you are considering a new rifle, take the time to know this rifle inside and out. 

Hardened steel components. The trigger housing and all internal components in the XPR™ rifle’s M.O.A trigger are constructed of polished and hardened carbon steel, with a blued finish for added durability and corrosion resistance.

M.O.A. Trigger SYSTEM. The XPR™ rifle's M.O.A. Trigger System works on the simple principle of the pivoting lever. The system offers a 2:1 mechanical advantage that results in a superior trigger pull. The M.O.A.’s trigger piece offers a wide, smooth face to better distribute finger pressure for a lighter, more sensitive feel. Because of its geometry and 2:1 mechanical advantage, the trigger piece travels only half the distance of the actuator (2X). Since this distance is cut in half, the perception of creep and overtravel are virtually eliminated. This means that your “feel” for the trigger is greatly enhanced, and thus your effective accuracy, both in the field and off the bench are improved.