#1 Power Snare

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The Power Snare kills quickly! This allows the use of lighter “Breakaway Snares” Holds your Coyote, but breaks for big game!

Power Snare System Features:
- Made with the finest spring steel available - many grades better than your best conibear spring.
- No fur damage. Fully Guaranteed.
- Easily dyed using liquid trap dye, such as “Speed Dip”.
- Simply designed - weatherproof trigger.
- No lock needed 
- Comes equipped with a safety catch and one snare and full setting instructions.
Humane - Kills in minutes. No water heads.
Reduced Losses - Dead animals cannot chew out or attract thieves.

No locks to Ice up - The  spring arms keep the pressure on so the snare cannot relax. 
Increased Production - Since the snare kills your catch quickly, you can use smaller cable, which is harder for the animal to see.
More Selective - Use the Breakaway snare - holds your animal but breaks for big game.